Puerto Rico is going through some difficult times, with its economy declining, the social ambience has become somewhat dire. Brands have recently been using their power to try and change the tide for a more positive one in their communications. 

Medalla launched a campaign that was a promoter of what really define us as Puerto Ricans. This campaign was called “Lo que somos”. Following this campaigns success, Medalla came to us with an idea to promote at a more personal level its message. The idea was to impact as much people as posible at the same time, and amplify the message of unity and patriotism in the months before the elections.

We came up with “Somos”

Somos is a local platform with a global perspective. Its purpose would be to promote the local talent with the same prowess as we do the international. The idea gave birth to 5 passion points, that would ultimately drive the campaign and would lead to the massive event. We understood it as a contemporary celebration of: Rhythm, Tradition, Joy, Expression, and Unity.

Somos will be home to a conglomerate of brilliant talent. The visual identity for it had to be as strong as our roots. So we went ahead and researched designed cartels for events in the 1930 – 1980 and we arrived at a solid mark and a strong identifier of our island, the flag. The flag will be the main logo for Somos, the solution for it was nothing less of brilliant. We used the M as our base for the flag and went ahead and adorned it with our star. Medalla would then become Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico, Medalla.