Cosculluela is the top hip hop artist in Puerto Rico and in 2014 he held his first concert in the Puerto Rico Coliseum.

It was the most anticipated concert in 2014.

For such an event we had to develop a comprehensive branding and campaign strategy that went far beyond the typical concert promotion.

The first step was to announce the concert and date. For this we developed a strategy, where Cosculluela created a jingle in which he announced the date and venue at the end of the song.

Shock and awe.

In order to launch the song, we created a video and showed up in the most popular outdoor hangouts in Puerto Rico to surprise fans by projecting it on buildings.

Our goal was for people to feel the magnitude of the show. We wanted people to realize that this wasn’t just another concert.


The concert quickly sold out and the production team decided to open a second show.


We needed to develop a new phase in the campaign that would stay true to the original design, while being different enough to create an impact to make people realize that we were announcing something new.

Going Global:

On the night of the event we held a livestream so that Cosculluela’s fans all over the world had the opportunity to enjoy Cosliseo.


Cosliseo became the highest selling event in the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in 2014, with over 24,000 tickets sold.

Over 200,000 fans from around the world accessed in order to witness the event.