Ricky Muñiz Surfboards

Ricky Muniz Surfboards is a custom board company based in Puerto Rico.

Surfing has been embedded in Puerto Ricos DNA since its origins in the late 1950’s. Kids grow up learning the sport and adventuring in some of the best beaches in the world. It comes as no surprise that puertorican artist Ricky Muniz decided to take his talents and become a master shaper.

As his technique and ambitions progressed so did his brand. Ricky approached us with the idea of launching his set of custom boards that would bear his name. This came as no easy task, Ricky wanted something that would represent his aesthetics and would in some way hint at his vision of making custom work that would be one of a kind.

We understood what he wanted to portray and went ahead and developed a custom version of the futura font. This decision would allow us to play with the order in which the letters could be arranged. Just as his work, his logo could be ever changing and would give him the opportunity to render each board unique.